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If you’re searching for the perfect fragrance to enhance your home or business, chances are you’ll find it among the Votivo Candle and diffuser collection. Votivo diffusers truly deserve to be called luxury. In fact, Votivo is the first American company to produce luxury candles, and their products have elevated the craft of candle making to a true art.   

Fragrance Description: Mango Milange Details: The tangy nectar of ripe mango sipped from a cool umbrella-adorned drink. A dewyocean breeze carries the scent of sweet coconut milk and a whisper of exotic blooms that decorate the lush, blissful landscape - accompanied by palm trees dancing to the rhythmic beat of crashing waves


Fragrance Description: Seablue SkyDetails: The sensory delight of wide open spaces, dancing kites, foggy blue-gray seashores and the souls of dew-drench lavender buds and moistened, softened amber remnants- romance on the eve of spring.

Fragrance Description: Clean Crisp White

  • Details: Indescribably complex yet simply by nature, Clean Crisp White defines the scentof our memories and a lifestyle worth wishing for: sun dried white sheets billowing in the crisp springtime morning, uncontrollable giggles as freshly bathed little bodies run thru the house, and an overwhelming aroma of nothing but clean.Ahh the simple luxuries of life.
  • Fragrance Description: Smoke On The Water
  • Details: The smell of sweet caramel musk absorbed in patchwork flannel and the residue ofsmoked cedar, evergreen and hickory oak chips enshrouded with the cold, wet mist of moss and fallen summer leaves- the ensuing dawn on the lake after a night of discussion around the hearth.
  • Fragrance Description: White Ocean Sands
  • Details: As the warm midsummer day drew to a close, the familiar sea salt freshness awaited their return' but this time was different; a smoke infused woodsy essence rose in gentle swirls from the beach side bonfire beckoning them to enjoy.
  • Fragrance Description: Red Currant
  • Details: A savory blend of tart red currants and golden fruit glaze ladled over coarselyground vanilla bean ice cream and served along side of raspberry filled sugar cookies' the original Red Currant.
  • Fragrance Description: Jasmine Neroli
  • Details: Inspired by lush orange groves spanning the sun-soaked hillside of a tropical retreat, Jasmine Neroli is a mellifluous blend of sweetened honey and tantalizingflorals. Guava nectar, mandarin zest and wild angelica unleash a veil of tropical euphoria fading into an alluring field of creamy white jasmine and tuberose. Afoundation of sweet vanilla is tamed by earthy woody notes and essence of whitemusk.
  • Fragrance Description: Breath of Lavender
  • Details: Votivo's Breath of Lavender will remind you of a restful late afternoon on a hill, topped with lavender, watching a cool rainstorm brew over the sea.
  • Fragrance Description: Vanilla Bergamot Blossom






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