lafco- room diffusers


bathroom-Light, fresh and clean: an airy ozone fragrance that smells like clean air by the sea. 

guest house-Softly fruity, the scent of freshly ripened summer figs with a hint of green. 

living room-Fresh and floral with a touch of green; gardenia blossoms with the scent of their green leaves. 

master bedroom-Warm and enveloping; a mix of sweet chamomile and sprightly lavender promote a sense of well being. 

office-This diffuser will freshen and invigorate any room with a mix of sweet eucalyptus, white floral and a touch of rosemary. 

penthouse-Clean and sparkling; with notes of ginger, grapefruit, lemon, and raspberry.

powder room-Romantic. full and floral; a blend of full bloomed peony and camellia blossoms. 

ski house-Woody, smoky and warm; the scent of burning wood with a hint of mountain spruce. 

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