Reina Olga

Ginny Crinkle Set


 Made for the tomboy in every girly girl, the ginny top is the perfect partner in mischief. It holds all that boobage together while creating the sexiest cleavage, so all you have to worry about is having an awesome time. 

ok so here's the deal: i (guia cleps) have spent the past 3 years trying to create the most flattering bikini bottoms. ones that avoid a muffin top, make your legs look longer, you butt look firmer and hug it on that way that's juuuuust right. and i almost thought i had nailed it. until this bad boy. the brasilian bottoms are the real deal. they are gold. 

gold stitching makes this piece unmistakingly reina olga

 this baby is hand made in italy with oh so much love, so please treat it with care <3 


87% nylon 13% elastane

do not roll me up or store when wet

hand wash me separately with care

rinse me in cold water after use

no detergent. no bleach.

do not wring or rub me

avoid drying me in direct sunlight

avoid contact with suncream. fabric may become discoloured if in direct contact with suncream or any other chemicals.

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