Stine Goya

Amelia Dress

$175 $350
Amelia Dress in Dots Cream. Mid length dress with loose fitting silhouette. Puffed short sleeves and side pockets. Lightweight material. Pair with Vera Boots in White Dot and your favourite Stine Goya Tote.

Recycled polyester is a green alternative to virgin polyester, made from recycled plastics.
Making garments from recycled polyester requires less energy, prevents plastic bottles from becoming landfill and produces less pollution.

For the Pre-Spring 2022 collection, Stine Goya emulates the concepts of contemporary dance – fluidity, rhythm, and reflection. Gentle colours and flowing silhouettes imbue DECONSTRUCTED DANCER with tender chaos that invites you to pause in time and find joy in the here and now.

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